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Record grain harvest expected in Kazakhstan 10.07.2024 в 15:15 83 просмотра

In Kazakhstan, the harvest is expected to be at record levels. Grain farmers are anticipating a repeat of the situation for the 2011 harvest, when the volume was approaching 30 million tons. According to the Union of Field Growers, this season the seedlings are excellent, the weed is being controlled, and the crops are prepared for diseases, reports the APK News agency.

 “We all see what is happening in the fields. Magnificent shoots, the July rains went according to schedule. According to numerous surveys of farmers, everyone, as one, says only good things, there is nothing to complain about. This is the first time we have seen this. Everyone praises their fields, their bread,” Viktor Aslanov, chairman of the Union of Field Growers of Kazakhstan, said on his Instagram page.

 The Union made tours of farms. According to Viktor Aslanov, Northern Kazakhstan is similar in vegetation “to the jungle.”

 “Yes, the weed factor remains, but I think it will stop. Yes, there remains a risk of disease. We also remember 2016, the rust. But, unlike that period, Kazakhstan is prepared this year. We have already learned from experience. Many farmers prepared in advance,” the head of the Union noted.

 Let us recall that in 2011 Kazakhstan collected 26.9 million tons of grain in net weight. This figure was called a record. Such a high volume of harvest was harvested only back in 1986, but even then the sown area was 1.5 times larger.

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