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Farmers insured 448 thousand hectares of crops in Kazakhstan 01.07.2024 в 12:32 54 просмотра

This year, farmers of Kazakhstan insured 448 thousand hectares of spring crops; 322 thousand hectares from drought and 126 thousand hectares from rain. Taking into account the seasonality of the industry, insurance in crop production has been completed in 2024, the Agrarian Credit Corporation reported.

The insurance premium this year amounted to 3 million tenge, of which 2.4 million tenge was subsidized by the state. Under concluded insurance contracts against soil moisture deficiency, the period of insurance protection has already begun.

The ACC reminded that crop production provides insurance products based on the lack and excess of moisture in the soil for grains, legumes and oilseeds.

As a result of the drought of the last four years, as well as prolonged rains during the last harvest campaign, crop insurance is becoming a popular tool for protecting the property interests of agricultural producers.

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