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Precipitation supported crops in Kazakhstan's grain belt 28.06.2024 в 12:14 51 просмотр

In the main grain-growing regions of Kazakhstan, in the second ten days of June, precipitation fell in most areas, maintaining good soil moisture. In this regard, the conditions for soil moisture accumulation were satisfactory and optimal. However, in some areas, a low moisture content in the arable soil layer was noted, since rains fell unevenly across the region. This is stated in the agrometeorological review of Kazhydromet.

According to weather forecasters, in the northern regions (Kostanay, North Kazakhstan, Akmola and Pavlodar regions) the sowing of spring grain crops was completed in the second decade. The condition of the crops is generally good and satisfactory.

In the vicinity of the weather stations Voznesenka, Akmola region, and Timiryazevo, North Kazakhstan region, crust is observed on the soil.

In the Karaganda region, grain sowing continued. The condition of the earlier crops is generally good.

In the east of the country (Abai and East Kazakhstan regions), the condition of plants is generally good and excellent; in the south, southeast and west, spring grains are also in good condition.

In addition, in the North Kazakhstan region, stem growth began on oil flax crops. The condition of the plants is generally good. In Aktobe, Almaty, and Zhetysu regions, side shoots appeared in the observed potato plots.

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