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Drought is predicted in July in 10 regions of Kazakhstan 26.06.2024 в 12:04 48 просмотров

In the last ten days of June, rain is expected in the northwestern half of Kazakhstan, sometimes heavy, with thunderstorms and gusty winds. In the west of the country the air temperature will be +18+25 degrees. In the north, temperatures are expected to rise to 33+38. In the center, east, south, southeast - up to +36+43 degrees. First Deputy General Director of Kazhydromet Serik Sairov announced this at a CCS briefing.

In July, according to the forecast, short-term rains with thunderstorms and gusty winds are expected in most parts of the country, often throughout the month, and hail is possible. Thunderstorms are expected in the west and southern regions on some days. The hot weather will be replaced by cooler weather throughout the month.

“The main temperature background is predicted to be high in the west and southern regions: +30+38, on some days the thermometer will reach 40-45 degrees. In the north, center and east of the republic, the temperature is predicted to be within +25+38 degrees. In general, in July 2024, humidity in Kazakhstan is generally expected to be close to long-term values, however, the area of ​​territories threatened by the onset of atmospheric drought is increasing,” noted Serik Sairov.

At the same time, weather forecasters predict atmospheric drought:

in Kostanay region (in Amangeldinsky and Dzhangeldinsky districts)
in the Aktobe region (in Aitekebi, Baiganinsky, Uilsky, Khromtau and Shalkar districts)
in the Karaganda region (in the Shet district)
in the Ulytau region (Ulytau and Zhanaarka districts)
in Almaty region (in Balkhash and Zhambyl districts)
in Zhambyl region (in Moyynkum, Zhualyn and Ryskulov districts)
in the Turkestan region (in Arys, Suzak, Kazygurt, Turkestan, Otrar and Baidibek regions)
in the Kyzylorda region (in the Aral, Kazalinsky, Karmakshinsky, Shiilisky districts)
in the Mangistau region (in Beyneu, Mangistau and Karakiyan districts)
on the predominant territory of the Atyrau region.

“Moderately humid in July is expected in the Taiynshynsky district of the North Kazakhstan region, in the Sandyktau, Burabaysky, Astrakhan districts of the Akmola region and in Stepnogorsk. In the rest of the country, moisture conditions are expected to be close to normal for this month,” said Serik Sairov.

According to the advisory forecast, in August in most parts of Kazakhstan the average monthly air temperature is expected to be around normal. Above normal by 1° – in the south and southeast of the country. The amount of precipitation in August is predicted to be around normal in most of the territory, above normal in the northwestern part of the republic, below normal in the center, south, southeast of the country and in the west of the Abay region.

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