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7 million hectares are sown in Kazakhstan 22.05.2024 в 12:56 75 просмотров

Minister of Agriculture Aidarbek Saparov got acquainted with the pace and conditions of sowing in three regions, which account for 31.5% of all sown areas in Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of Agriculture noted that during the reporting period in the Republic of Kazakhstan, sowing was carried out on 7 million hectares, including:

  • in the Aktobe region - 220 thousand hectares, or 37.7% of the total area;
  • in the Karaganda region - 326.4 thousand hectares, or 30.3%;
  • in Kostanay region - 1,322 thousand hectares, or 25.7% of the area.

According to operational data, during the reporting period, farmers in three regions concluded contracts for the purchase of fertilizers in the amount of 889 thousand tons, of which 734.4 thousand tons were shipped, including:

  • Aktobe farmers concluded contracts for 2.7 thousand tons, shipped - 2.5 thousand tons;
  • Karaganda - by 28.2 thousand tons, shipped - 21.2 thousand tons;
  • Kostanay - by 170.0 thousand tons, 108.7 thousand tons of fertilizers were shipped.

According to the department, 36.2 billion tenge are provided for subsidizing fertilizers in local budgets for 2024.

The minister noted that about 376 thousand tons of diesel fuel were also allocated for the sowing campaign, including:

  • Kostanay region - 79.6 thousand tons;
  • Aktobe - 7.2 thousand tons;
  • Karaganda region - 17.4 thousand tons.

In three regions, 669 applications for financing were received through ACC for a total amount of 49.8 billion tenge, and through the Food Corporation - 134 applications for 11.9 billion tenge for the purchase of 177 thousand tons of grain.

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