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2.2 million tons of seeds available for sowing in Kazakhstan – Zhumangarin 26.02.2024 в 13:22 45 просмотров

The fact that farmers in Kazakhstan have a shortage of seeds was reported not only by industry unions, but also by government agencies. However, it turned out that at this time there is no shortage of seeds in the country. As it became known from the response to a parliamentary request from Deputy Prime Minister Serik Zhumangarin, agricultural producers are 93% provided with seeds. In particular, 1.8 million tons of wheat seeds are available against the plan of 2 million tons, reports the APK News agency.
“To date, with a plan of 2.4 million tons, 2.2 million tons of seeds, or 93%, have been harvested. Including the grain plan of 2 million tons, 1.8 million tons, or 91%, have been harvested,” the information says.
In addition, JSC NK Food Contract Corporation has begun selling food wheat as seeds. It is noted that sales are carried out only at the expense of the seeding rate for grain producers - 130 kilograms per 1 hectare of arable land, sales volume is up to 400 thousand tons.
Also, 12.8 billion tenge is planned in local regional budgets for the current year to subsidize the development of seed production.
Taking into account the current weather conditions, an examination of batches of seed material in the regions is carried out.
As reported, agricultural producers in Kazakhstan even export seeds to Russia.

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