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The Ministry of Agriculture has updated the Concept for the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex 24.11.2023 в 14:55 113 просмотров

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan has updated the Concept for the development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan for 2021–2030. This was reported by with reference to the press service of the department.

Firstly, the document reports a phased transition from primary production to the production of higher value-added products and an increase in the share of processed products in the agro-industrial complex to 70% within three years.

The concept also provides for:

review of tax policy to stimulate processing;

  • stimulating the consolidation of domestic agricultural firms, as well as actively attracting transnational corporations on mutually beneficial terms;
  • identification of priority and promising areas for deep processing of meat, milk and grain, development of industrial greenhouse farming;
  • continuation of the construction of large dairy farms with the dissemination of the experience of the North Kazakhstan region for the construction of poultry farms, vegetable storage facilities and beef cattle enterprises and irrigation projects;
  • bringing the rate of renewal of agricultural equipment to 8–10% per year, taking into account the interests of domestic equipment manufacturers and farmers;
  • systematic expansion of export geography with the adoption of measures to promote Kazakhstani goods in foreign markets;
  • diversification of crops, increasing the area of highly profitable crops, reducing water-intensive and monoculture crops;

providing farmers with domestic seeds, breeding and cultivating new productive varieties.
Secondly, the concept is aimed at stimulating the cooperation of personal subsidiary plots as part of the further implementation of the “Auyl Amanaty” program.

Thirdly, measures are provided for the development of agricultural science. Including:

  • establishing full-fledged scientific and practical cooperation with recognized foreign centers of agricultural science;
  • support of private scientific and technological initiatives and adaptation of educational programs to the needs of the agricultural sector;
  • transformation of the National Agricultural Research and Education Center into a vertically integrated agrotechnological hub.

Fourthly, the updated concept updated the implementation of the updated strategy of NC Food Contract Corporation JSC.

In addition, the strategy provides a mandate to support the private market in creating a full-fledged network of production, storage and sale of agricultural products, as well as implementing interventions to curb price increases.

The draft concept is posted on the Open Legal Entities portal.

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