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KTZ cancels grain loading in containers at unequipped stations 18.09.2023 в 12:18 181 просмотр

Loading and unloading of containers from October 1 will be carried out on the access roads of stations that have technical and technological conditions and equipment for this. This decision was made to ensure the safety of transportation. This was reported in the press service of NC KTZ.

"At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, China did not accept wagons with grain cargoes, but only in containers. More than 2 thousand wagons were returned to Kazakh exporters. To meet the needs of shippers in the transportation of domestic products, a temporary decision was made to load and unload containers at all cargo stations. At the moment, the Chinese side accepts cargo in the normal mode, all requirements for grain cargoes have been canceled," the national company explained.

Currently, the KTZ network includes 80 stations, including 28 in grain-growing regions of the country, open for cargo operations with containers.

The owners of railway branches are recommended to carry out work on the equipment of container platforms to ensure traffic safety and provide the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan with all the necessary documents to open stations and access roads to work with containers.

KTZ also noted that the return to the previous order of loading containers will eliminate the chaotic movement of loaded and empty containers, which creates an additional burden on the infrastructure capabilities of the stations.

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