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70% of the grain area was harvested in Kazakhstan 13.09.2022 в 14:36 141 просмотр

Harvesting continues in the country. According to the akimats, 11.3 million hectares of grain were harvested. The volume amounted to 69.8% of the plan, according to World of NON.

The press service of the Ministry of Agriculture informed that 13.5 million tons of grain have been harvested to date. The average yield is 12 kg/ha. It should be noted that last year the average yield on the same date was 8.9 c/ha.

Oilseeds were harvested on an area of 337.5 thousand hectares – 10% of the plan, 220.6 thousand tons were harvested. Potatoes were harvested on an area of 66.5 thousand hectares – 34% of the plan, a harvest of 1.4 million tons was harvested. 3.2 million tons of vegetables were harvested on 113.1 thousand hectares, or 66% of the total area.

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