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Kazakh share in the global flaxseed production reached 25% — SUNSEEDMAN 11.10.2019 в 11:59 1901 просмотр

Kazakhstan is one of the largest global producers of oilseed crops. In particular, in 2018/19 MY the share of Kazakhstan in the global production of flaxseed totaled 25%, reported the Independent expert at SUNSEEDMAN, Veysel Kaya, during his report within frames of the international conference "KazakhGrainExport 2019" in Istanbul, on September 20.

He said that in the season-2018/19, the harvest of flaxseed in Kazakhstan totaled 650 thsd tonnes. Also, the expert noted that the share of Kazakhstan in the global exports of flaxseed reached 35% (500 thsd tonnes), and sunflower seed — 12.5% (375 thsd tonnes).

As for oilseed by-products, unfortunately Kazakhstan did not keep any significant share in the global production, processing or trading. Thus, in 2018/19 MY the production of sunflower oil in Kazakhstan totaled 1.05% of the general global production volumes, the consumption — 1.3%, the exports — 0.6% only, and the imports — 0.95%, said V.Kaya.

As for the forecasts for the new season, the expert noted that in 2019/20 MY the production of sunflower seed in Kazakhstan will slightly decrease — to 850 thsd tonnes, against 900 thsd tonnes last season. Also, the country will reduce the harvest of rapeseed to 325 thsd tonnes, against 400 thsd tonnes in the season-2018/19.

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