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China buys substandard wheat from Kazakhstan at $170 per ton 29.02.2024 в 13:18 62 просмотра

The exchange rate of the national currency of Kazakhstan dropped significantly against the dollar on Wednesday, December 28. According to the results of trading on KASE, the ratio was 451.09 tenge per $1 (plus 1.99).

Astana exchangers ask for 1 dollar 454 tenge, for 1 euro 492.5 tenge, for 1 ruble 4.92 tenge.

The cryptocurrency market has seen rapid growth for the third day in a row. The price of Bitcoin rose by 8% per day, to $61,305.

Brent oil fell in price by 0.76% per day to $81.94 per barrel.

World wheat prices, which collapsed last week, are trying to rise this week. However, stable growth is not possible. On Wednesday, May futures on the US stock exchange fell by 1.22%, to $5.77 per bushel ($212 per ton).

In Kazakhstan, wheat prices remain stable. For grain with sprouts, farmers ask from 48-50 thousand tenge/ton (price at the elevator). Export prices for non-grade grain when shipped to China are $170-175 per ton (price at the border).

Meanwhile, Ukraine managed to export 4.3 million tons of grain from February 1 to 23, compared to 3.8 million tons for the same period last year. However, in general, since the beginning of the current agricultural season, exports amounted to 28.2 million tons compared to 30.8 million tons a year earlier.

Tension remains on the border between Ukraine and Poland, where farmers are resisting the passage of Ukrainian grain. They added grain destruction to the border blocking: at least four cases of wheat being spilled from wagons were recorded, the volume of grain destroyed was 160 tons.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk allowed the introduction of a complete ban on the passage of goods from Ukraine. Currently, Ukrainian grain can pass through Poland only in transit to other EU states.

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