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Diesel fuel will be easier for farmers to obtain 28.05.2024 в 12:10 41 просмотр

From May 15 of this year, 2024, changed rules for obtaining preferential diesel fuel for sowing and harvesting work are in effect, World of NAN reports.

So, instead of submitting separate applications for spring field and harvesting work, there is a single application. This simplifies the procedure for obtaining quotas for diesel fuel. The deadline for submitting an application has been increased from 20 to 30 days, unified basic fuel consumption standards have been eliminated, and now the standards will be set taking into account the soil and climatic conditions of the regions.

The rules also include standards for additional types of agricultural work for which the remaining subsidized diesel fuel can be used.

However, with high demand for fuel in a number of regions, there is a weak shipment of preferential diesel fuel: 241.4 thousand tons or 64% were shipped. And most farmers cannot obtain the required volumes.

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