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The Ministry of Agriculture introduced new rules for leasing agricultural machinery 01.04.2024 в 12:41 37 просмотров

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan published on “Open Legal Regulations” draft amendments to the Rules for subsidizing interest rates when lending to agricultural entities, as well as leasing for the purchase of farm animals, machinery and technological equipment. The document differentiates the rates at which farmers will be able to lease domestic and foreign-made equipment.

After the adoption of the new rules, manufacturers will be able to purchase at a rate of 6%: agricultural equipment and machinery, including mounted and trailed equipment of domestic production;

agricultural machinery and machines, the manufacturers of which and/or enterprises affiliated with them have entered into agreements on industrial assembly in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for at least two types of self-propelled agricultural machinery.

For other loan agreements, the borrower will pay 15% of the nominal interest rate. The remaining part of the nominal remuneration rate will be subsidized from the state budget.

The list of manufacturers of agricultural machinery and machinery, as well as enterprises affiliated with them, is posted in the State Subsidy Information System.

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