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Cultivated areas, seeds, agricultural machinery fleet, financing - discussed at the board of the Ministry of Agriculture 01.03.2024 в 12:42 96 просмотров

At the board of the Ministry of Agriculture, they summed up the results of 2023 and announced tasks for 2024.

In particular, it was noted that against the backdrop of a short harvest in 2023, the volume of gross agricultural production decreased by 7.7% (IF - 92.3%) and amounted to 8,732.1 billion tenge.

The volume of investments in fixed capital of agriculture increased by 10.3% and amounted to 981 billion tenge.

During the meeting, the structure of sown areas in 2024 was clarified:

  • wheat - 13.3 million hectares (- 430 thousand hectares y/y);
  • corn - 174 thousand hectares (- 15 thousand hectares);
  • barley - 2.4 million hectares (- 130 thousand hectares);
  •   buckwheat - 137 thousand hectares (+10 thousand hectares);
  • oilseeds - 3.2 million hectares (+ 400 thousand hectares);
  • forage - 3.2 million hectares (+95 thousand hectares).

For 2024, 34.3 billion tenge are allocated in local regional budgets for subsidizing fertilizers. Plans for applying fertilizers up to 1.5 million tons this year have been communicated to the regions.

According to operational information from regional akimats, as of February 12, 2.2 million tons of seeds were planted, which is 93% of the plan, of which:

  • grain - 1.8 million tons (91% of the plan);
  • oilseeds - 86.9 thousand tons (98.1%);
  • feed - 21.2 thousand tons (82% of the plan).

According to the department, at the beginning of 2024, the Republic of Kazakhstan has 149.8 thousand tractors, 38 thousand combines, 4.9 thousand sowing complexes and 76.3 thousand seeders, as well as about 219 thousand units of various soil-cultivating implements. The level of renewal of the agricultural machinery fleet has doubled over the past 7 years and increased to 4.5% (2017 - 1.9%).

This year, 140 billion tenge are provided to finance the spring campaign under the Ken Dala program.

In 2024, according to preliminary data, the volume of forward purchases by the Food Corporation will be about 40 billion tenge. At the same time, when clarifying the republican budget, the issue of an additional allocation of 30 billion tenge will be considered.

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