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The country's grain balance was discussed at a meeting of the Mazhilis Committee on Agrarian Issues 30.11.2023 в 11:13 78 просмотров

The day before, the Mazhilis announced the amount of unclassified grain in the 2023 harvest.

In particular, according to the assessment of the Chairman of the Committee on Agrarian Issues Serik Egizbaev, cited by the Kazinform agency,

of threshed 16.5 million, non-grade grain - 5.6 million tons,

Of which, perhaps, 200 thousand tons will be purchased by China.

The speaker, calling this volume “a drop in the bucket,” asked a rhetorical question: what to do with 5.4 million tons of sprouted raw grain, which quickly spoils.

Thus, according to the chairman’s calculations, at a price of substandard grain of 55 thousand tenge/ton, farmers have about 300 billion tenge in warehouses and warehouses.

At the same time, the speaker emphasizes that in one and a half to two months such grain will simply become unusable - it will “burn out,” and no one will return this money to the peasants.

Let us remind you that according to National Statistics, by November 1, there were 9.9 million tons of wheat in the country.

In turn, the chairman of the Grain Union of Kazakhstan, Nurlan Ospanov, believes that farmers’ losses are inevitable, and the Food Corporation and the Ministry of Agriculture cannot solve this problem.

Given current factors, opening new markets for Kazakhstan is a utopia because it requires subsidizing transport costs.

In addition, according to him, weak throughput will interfere with the sale of grain.

The Chairman of the ZSK clarified: the actual capacity of the transport infrastructure is about 1-1.2 million grains, while that of importing countries is less. That is, the Republic of Kazakhstan will not unload more than a million tons per month.

According to the speaker, the rest of the grain should be tried to be sold to China - “the only solvent client.”

In the meantime, Kazakhstan may be left with a balance of more than 3 million tons of grain, which means farmers will suffer losses.


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