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Hi-pro wheat prices in Kazakhstan soared to 140 thousand tenge/ton 18.09.2023 в 09:34 99 просмотров

Grain receiving enterprises of Akmola region offer 140 thousand tenge (including VAT) per ton of hi-pro wheat. Grain parameters - humidity not higher than 14%, the number of drops below 150, gluten 30-32%, nature not less than 760 g / l. Peasant farms (do not pay VAT) are offered 130 thousand tenge for grain of this quality.

Recall that in mid-August, the price of high-quality wheat was at around 90-92 thousand tenge/ton. Grain began to rise in price after continuous rains led to a delay in the harvest and a drop in the quality and volume of the 2023 harvest.

Grain receiving enterprises offer 134 thousand tenge/ton with VAT and 124 thousand tenge/ton without VAT for ordinary grain of class 3 (gluten 24-25%). However, the remaining parameters of this grain must meet the standards - humidity is above 14% and the number of drops is not lower than 150.

Meanwhile, farms of the Akmola region took advantage of a dry "window" on the weekend and went into the field for three weeks of downtime. Grain is obtained with an average humidity of 18%. At the same time, the yield of the fields fell almost twice in comparison with what they gave in August, before the rains: from the average level of 9 c/ha to 5 c/ha.

However, the most serious problem is the reduction in the number of falls due to the germination of grain. Even if it is not visible visually, these processes in wheat are in any case started due to a long stay in the field in a humid environment in a state of full ripeness. Wheat with a low number of drops is not only not suitable for processing into flour, but also cannot go to seeds.

In this regard, farmers predict an increase in seed prices up to 200 thousand tenge/ton by the sowing season of 2024.

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