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Kazhydromet: the first stages of vegetation of plants will take place against the background of high temperatures 01.06.2023 в 16:50 67 просмотров

According to the advisory forecast of RSE "Kazhydromet", in most of Kazakhstan in June, the average air temperature is expected to be one or two degrees above normal.

So, in the first decade of June, hot weather is forecast for most of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, the amount of precipitation is less than normal.

In early summer, the temperature will rise:

  • in the south - at night to plus 20-27C, in the afternoon to 35-44 heat;
  • in the north, in the center - at night up to 17-25, in the afternoon up to plus 33-41 degrees;
  • in the south-east - at night from plus 8-16 to 20-25, during the day from 24-31 to 34-39 heat;
  • in the east - at night from 2-10 to 15-23 degrees Celsius, during the day from 21-28 to 33-38 degrees.

Only in the west, short-term rains with thunderstorms and a decrease in air temperature at night from plus 18-25 to 13-20, in the afternoon from 30-38 to 25-33 degrees are expected.

Thus, plants of early sowing dates may fall under aridity.

At the end of the first decade, short-term rains with thunderstorms are expected in most of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the wind will increase, hail and a dust storm are not excluded. A short-term decrease in temperature is also predicted.

In the second and third decades of June, hot days will be replaced by cool weather with short-term rains, gusty winds, thunderstorms, hail and dust storms.

Air temperature fluctuation is expected:

  • in the west and south-east - at night from plus 10-20 to 16-26, in the afternoon from 21-31 to 31-40 degrees;
  • in the northern, central and eastern regions - at night from 5-15 to 11-21, in the afternoon from 16-26 to 26-36 heat;
  • in the south - at night from 13-23 to 18-25, in the afternoon from 25-35 to 32-42 heat.

Earlier in June, meteorologists predicted an increase in the area with a shortage of soil moisture charging.

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