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1.4 million hectares have been sown in Kazakhstan 11.05.2023 в 13:43 156 просмотров

As of the current date, more than 1.4 million hectares have been sown in Kazakhstan. In addition to the southern regions, sowing began in the western and eastern regions of the country. In total, it is planned to place agricultural crops on 23.4 million hectares this year. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to preliminary data, farmers plan to increase the area of sowing of grain and leguminous crops, fodder crops, as well as sugar beet. The areas of socially significant crops - sunflower, vegetable, potato and buckwheat - will also be expanded.

The filling of seeds is carried out at 100%. Farmers have formed a seed fund in the amount of 2.3 million tons. Also in the regions, stocks of seeds have been formed in warehouses. For 2023, 11.4 billion tenge is provided in local budgets for subsidizing the development of seed production.

In addition, to date, about 284.4 thousand tons of preferential diesel fuel have been shipped to the regions from the allocated 419 thousand tons. Taking into account the costs of operators, the average price for farmers in the republic is one third cheaper than the market price and is 204 tenge per liter.

140 billion tenge is provided for financing the spring campaign under the Ken Dala program, which is planned to provide sowing and harvesting on an area of about 2 million hectares. Currently, farmers have already been paid 133.8 billion tenge.

Also, the Food Corporation continues the forward purchase program and has begun issuing commodity loans to large agricultural producers. In total, at least 70 billion tenge is provided for these purposes.

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