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Kazakhstan: for three recent years, the qualitative characteristics of barley improved — Baltic Control Kazakhstan 20.09.2019 в 17:26 1308 просмотров

According to the recent studies of Baltic Control Kazakhstan, since 2016 Kazakhstan started demonstrating the stable high qualitative characteristics of barley, reported the Deputy General Director at Baltic Control Kazakhstan LLP, Daulet Zhampeiis, during his report within frames of the international conference "KazakhGrainExport 2019" in Istanbul, on September 19.

According to the analysis results, in more than 14 thousand samples of barley of the harvest-2016 the natural weight totaled 660-680 g/l, and protein content — 10.8-11.8%. In 2017, the number of tested samples increased to more than 24 thousand. The natural weight of the grain reached 690-710 g/l, and the protein content remained at the last year level. In 2018, Baltic Control Kazakhstan analysed more than 27.6 thousand samples. The natural weight of barley reached rather high level — 680-690 g/l, and the protein content increased to 11.8-12.5%. Therefore, the protein content demonstrated the significant upward trend, the expert said.

D.Zhampeiis added that according to the available information, in 2019 barley will also have a very high protein content (12.5-13.5%). The natural weight will be high, although somewhat lower compared with last year (650-670 g/l).

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