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The prosecutor's office is studying KTZ's refusal to approve transportation plans 13.11.2023 в 12:15 101 просмотр

The Main Transport Prosecutor's Office (GTP) is studying the legality of KTZ's non-approval of basic and additional plans for the transportation of goods. In addition, the prosecutor's office will check how legally the national company collects railway fees from entrepreneurs for demurrage of cars through no fault of the business, conducts direct debits from the personal accounts of entrepreneurs, refuses to provide cars, codes for the transportation of containers, etc.

As reported by the State Customs Committee, the prosecutor's office previously conducted an express analysis of signals from entrepreneurs and information from the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs about systemic violations in the activities of the national operator.

“For example, according to Article 49 of the Law “On Railway Transport”, the National Operator can fine the shipper, consignee, branch owners or owners of cars for idle cars on main, station tracks, as well as railways only if the latter are at fault. At the same time, prosecutorial checks have shown that there are still cases of unjustified imposition of fines on business entities for downtime through no fault of entrepreneurs,” the transport prosecutor’s office emphasized.

The GTP operates mobile group numbers 8 (7172) 30-18-20 and 8 (777) 050-77-27, by which entrepreneurs can report violations of their rights and legitimate interests (if necessary, anonymity is guaranteed). You can also contact the numbers listed on the official website of the department and on Instagram.

In addition, the mobile group is ready to accept proposals for revising the current legal documents of authorized government bodies to improve the conditions for doing business.


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