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The Alliance of Associations of the Agroindustrial Complex of Kazakhstan proposed the complete abolition of the scrap fee for agricultural machinery 10.02.2022 в 11:25 1289 просмотров

Alliance of Associations of the Agroindustrial Complex of Kazakhstan, represented by the Grain Union of Kazakhstan, the Meat Union of Kazakhstan, the Agricultural Insurance Association, the Association of Credit Partnerships of the AIC, the Union of Field Growers of Kazakhstan, the Union of Poultry Breeders of Kazakhstan, the Association of Egg Producers of Kazakhstan, the Union of Potato and Vegetable Growers of Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan Business Council of the AIC, as well as 3 of the republican chambers of breeds of cattle, addressed to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Smailov A.A. with a letter on the complete abolition of the recycling fee for agricultural machinery, as a tool that negatively affects the pace of renewal of the machine and tractor fleet, reducing overall labor productivity and worsening the financial situation of farmers.

In addition, for the real development of domestic agricultural engineering, the Alliance proposed the following measures:

Creation in the country of a real industry for the disposal of machines and assemblies. If enterprises for the disposal of obsolete agricultural equipment operate in the country, then it should be profitable for the farmer to rent it to them, and not for metal, by providing discount certificates for the purchase of new agricultural equipment.

Development of agricultural machinery from the production of small implements and spare parts. It is necessary to start developing the production of spare parts, consumables and small implements, the import of which annually reaches 100 billion tenge or more. Real production can be organized in all regions (about 20 such enterprises are currently operating).
The introduction of increased standards for subsidizing the interest rate and investment subsidies for leasing and lending to domestic agricultural machinery. The current subsidy rate provides for a 10% reduction in the leasing rate - for example, from 14% to 4% per annum, regardless of origin. To supplement the cost advantage of existing assembly plants, the subsidy rate can be increased and brought to the following state: 2% per annum for domestic assembly, 6% per annum for imported. Calculations show that such a price advantage for a leasing period of 7-10 years gives savings equivalent to the increase in the cost of the current scrap fee. This measure only changes the current regulation on the distribution of the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. And most importantly, this measure is not a disincentive like a waste collection, but is a truly stimulating measure. In addition, assembly plants still have exemptions on VAT, duties, leasing and credit lines through the FRP, increased rates of investment subsidies, other support measures such as vouchers from accumulated salvage funds, etc.

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